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Our Results

Ninja Kitchen
4.3x ROAS

5,600+ Purchases in 30 days

Australia's leading kitchen and outdoor brand came to us seeking a performance-first creative approach.

Adstr ads have allowed Ninja Kitchen to increase spend by 3x and increase overall revenue by 163% YoY.

Shark Clean

3+ Products Sold Out
Nation Wide in 90 days

Adstr helped renowned Australian home and cleaning brand Shark Clean scale through direct response performance creative.

Adstr ads saw an immediate increase in sales,
leading to multiple products going out of stock due to demand. Adstr ads continue to be the
top performing assets within their ad account.
4.9x ROAS
-46% CPA

Reduced CPA By 46% In 30 Days

Australia’s first and leading personalised
subscription brand. After publishing Adstr ads,
Vitable saw an immediate reduction in CPA by
nearly half in the first 30 days of working together.

Adstr ads continue to be the top-performing assets in their ad account.


"Adstr has been our secret weapon in driving purchase intent for Ninja across Australia and New Zealand. Their unique methodology, intimate knowledge of trends, and access to amazing talent have been game-changers. The results speak for themselves, with product lines selling out both online and offline. Our Adstr partnership has created significant forecasting challenges due to increased demand. I’d strongly recommend Adstr for product and services marketers alike (just don't tell our competition)."
Ben L.
Marketing Director - Ninja Kitchen
"Before working with Adstr, our performance creative was inconsistent. Adstr is different; they make great ads and have a reliable process that delivers results. They understand what's involved in creating excellent performance creative that improves over time. I'd recommend Adstr for any business looking to scale e-commerce growth and work with the best".
Ben F.
Chief Strategy Officer - Webprofits
"I highly recommend Adstr for UGC. We saw a direct impact on our performance and CAC from the very first batch of UGC ads they created. They specialise in adapting brand messaging to each social media platform. Their passion for what they do and genuine care for content performance and brand success make them truly special".
Ilyas A.
Co-Founder - Vitable
"ADSTR's deep understanding of consumer insights and unmatched skill in creating performance ad creatives for Meta result in higher conversion rates and a better ROI. Their meticulous planning and strategic targeting make every ad visually appealing and effective. ADSTR's commitment to excellence and innovation makes it an invaluable partner for Webprofits".
Robyn E.
Director of Paid Social - Webprofits
"The Adstr team are experts in their field. Their commitment to putting out quality content and tapping into potential new audiences put Adstr leagues above any other agency I’ve worked with before. Despite surpassing their KPIs in a short amount of time, I have been so impressed with their dedication to further drive our business to unchartered heights. I would strongly recommend the Adstr team to any business wanting to take their brand to the next level and beyond. This is the team to do it".
Pryia J.
Marketing Director - Shark Clean

Our seamless process

This allows us to come together as a team, collect everything we need to produce your ad creatives, and discuss any branding guidelines or special requests for your ads.
We will deep-dive into your brand and your ideal customer, to ensure our creatives appeal to their deepest desires and pain-points.
Using your brand guidelines, along with our research and expertise, we conceptualise your creative concepts into ad scripts and briefs.
Post production
We will edit content following
performance design best practices. You approve or we revise and your ads are ready to go live!
Analysis & iteration
Once the ads are live, we analyse the results within the ad account, and make iterations on each ad to optimise for further scale.

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